Artists celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th Anniversary with this massive digital fan art collection

By on August 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm
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The theme: “We are Street Fighter.”

The 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter isn’t just a big deal for Capcom: it marks thirty years of fans enjoying a game and a world that has become very special for them. Instagram’s @streetfighterlegacy set out to capture this love of Street Fighter in a massive fan art project, resulting in a spectacular digital artbook all fans of Street Fighter can now enjoy online, starting today!

Here are some samples of the art included in the collection.

A few words from @streetfighterlegacy:

@streetfighterlegacy is an online fan blog that originated on Instagram back in January 2015, and has since moved to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook too. We are the largest Street Fighter account on Instagram with currently 48.6K followers, and growing every day. Our main focus is a daily dose of Street Fighter goodness through art, gameplay, FGC, news, products and of course the odd giveaway working closely with companies like NSURGO, Bigboystoys_HK, Multiverse Studios, Numbskull Designs, Mustertbrand to name just a few.

As the 30th Anniversary was rapidly approaching, I felt we needed to celebrate in style. As my inbox fills up with artwork from our users daily for reposting, I decided to set a challenge to our followers to create an online art tribute. This tribute will only available online and will be FREE for everyone to view. For the moment, we will not be producing any physical copies.

Our ethos for this was all-inclusiveness. So, every person that submitted a piece that adhered to the rules was included. (Rules being that it had to be “family friendly,” that it was not a redraw or reproduction of existing art and created specifically for this project, and not available online before.) I didn’t want this to be elitist. Everyone was welcome, no matter of style or skill level. This has brought in a wide rage of art.

Our cover was designed by one of our community members Tei Lee (@zonknuckle). She is a young and upcoming artist based out of Hawaii. We approached her early on to create a cover and she did an amazing job, that set an amazing tone for the rest of the book.

I had reached out to Christian Howard to be part of it in the early stages, asking him to potentially submit something, even if it was just a stick man. To my surprise, he is quite the artist and explained he had studied art (is there nothing he can’t do?). He submitted 4 pieces for the book, and this lead me to asking if he would write a forward and introduction.

As stated on the first page, this was really a community effort, by the fans for the fans and as the 25th celebration motto was “I AM STREET FIGHTER,” I have revised and remixed this for the 30th Anniversary: “WE ARE STREET FIGHTER.” Not to get overly political, but in the current world climate, having something that unifies us (even if it’s just the love of Street Fighter) is a beautiful thing. If anything over my last 2-year journey with this blog has taught me, that there are some truly amazing Street Fighter fans across this globe, all with their own story to tell, and I hope in part this book celebrates that.

Go check out the full digital artbook on!

Teil Lee Cover

Source: @streetfighterlegacy Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.