Earth Romancer shows off its anime/platform fighter inspirations in new gameplay trailer

By on August 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Earth Romancer

Teased earlier this year, Lunar Hare Studios are back with a brand new trailer for their new platform fighter, Earth Romancer. Taking clear inspiration from both anime fighters like BlazBlue and Melty Blood, along with games like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Earth Romancer promises to be “the next evolution in platform fighters”.

Just from the trailer, you can clearly see how Earth Romancer is mixing mechanics from both genres to create something new. On top of wavelands, wavedashes and reverse aerial rushes, you’ve got air dashes and air parries to deal with both aerial and grounded pressure. The combat system uses standard fighting game conventions like high/low attacks, guard crushes and chain combos, and then combines it with the smooth movement and aerial-centric combo system you see in your standard platform fighter. Layer in a universal stance-switch — where all characters can switch between two different combat styles — and Earth Romancer looks to be a tech-skill and lab monster’s dream.

We also got a glimpse of new character Keagan, a wolf martial artist who must have studied at both the Masters and McCloud schools of karate. He’s got moves like Fox’s neutral air and Falco’s down air, as well as Jin Saotome-esque attacks where he summons a giant hand to punch or shoot fireballs, along with the ability to fire flaming projectiles from his feet.

With anime and platform fighters being cut from the same cloth when it comes to movement, fluid combos and super-unique character designs, it’s amazing that no-one has blended the two genres before. The indie game Wishmere experimented with a Roman cancel-esque mechanic, but Earth Romancer is going lock, stock and barrel in melding anime and platform fighter mechanics together to create something brand new. Personally, Earth Romancer‘s trailer is what Icons‘ should have been — by unveiling all the cool new elements it is bringing to the table, rather than retreading old ground with characters which looked too familiar to platform fighter veterans. The market is starting to get fierce, and Earth Romancer looks like it has all the tools to go toe-to-toe with its competitors.

Planned for release on both console and PC, Lunar Hare Studios are gearing up for a Earth Romancer Kickstarter in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Source: Lunar Hare Studios

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