SSB Goku, SSB Vegeta, Android 18, and Android 16 are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on August 17, 2017 at 9:00 am
Super Saiyan Blue Goku DBFZ

Ahead of Gamescom, Weekly Jump and V-Jump magazines have revealed that Goku and Vegeta will be getting access to their Super Saiyan Blue forms in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Based on the screenshots provided by Weekly Jump, SSB Goku and Vegeta will be separate characters, rather than being short-term transformations like Freeza’s Golden Super. Goku will have access to the Kaioken in his SSB form, with one of his Supers being the 10x God Kamehameha.

The other big news from this issue of Weekly Jump is that rather than Android 17, it is Android 16 and 18 that are confirmed to be playable in DBFZ. Android 17 still makes an appearance in game though, acting as part of Android 18’s Accel Dance Super and joining in for many of Android 18’s special moves. As for Android 16, his Super is Hell’s Flash and his appearance in DBFZ forms a major part of the game’s Story Mode.

The Story Mode has various dead Dragon Ball characters — like Android 16 — coming back to fight in a sort of “what if” scenario. According to Weekly Jump, “super warriors fall[ing] one by one” during the Story Mode, making it sound similar to the Tournament of Power currently going on in the Dragon Ball Super anime. Seeing as dead characters can be revived for this tournament, all bets are off as to who can join the DBFZ roster. Plus, with elements of Super being fair game, it looks like we could see characters like Beerus, Hit and even Jiren joining the roster in due course.

There is also word of a special six-player online mode, where each player controls a single character in a 3v3 battle. If you can imagine Scramble Mode from Street Fighter x Tekken, dial it up to 11 and you’ve got an idea of this bonkers battle mode.

You can check out the scans below and expect more information on Dragon Ball FighterZ during Gamescom:


DBFZ Scan 1

DBFZ Scan 2

Sources: Weekly Jump via Gematsu; V-Jump via basgrospoing; ShonenGamez

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