X-Kira discovers classic Cammy and Urien stages, and more in new Street Fighter V datamining results

By on August 10, 2017 at 11:00 am
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The hits just seem to keep on coming from data miner X-Kira. Hot off the heels of discovering references and code for the return of the classic barrel bonus stage, X-Kira has discovered even more new stages for the game, that could possibly be heading to the game as early as the remainder of Season 2.

The arenas included are Cammy’s classic Super Street Fighter II stage, “Lichtenstein Castle,” as well as Urien’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike stage, “Olmec Ruins.” Both of these will contain remixes of their original stage themes. Kira’s also discovered stages for Rainbow Mika, “The Ring,” F.A.N.G’s “Nguuaho Palace,” seemingly based off of the backgrounds seen in the pair’s official SFV artwork, and the Capcom Wrestling Association (CWA) Ring seen in A Shadow Falls. He believes these could all be released before the end of Season 2, but of course can’t confirm that claim.

X-Kira also mentions the presence of an “Ayutthaya Ruins” stage, set to be the first one released during Season 3. Located in Thailand, this could perhaps be an indication that Sagat will be making his grand return as the first of six more characters in the 2018 Character Pass, likely to be announced at PlayStation Experience following the conclusion of Capcom Cup. With a Classic Ibuki stage mentioned in one of his previous reports, this lends even more credence to the idea that the much-longed-for Arcade Mode, which is fully functioning in the game’s current code, could be coming to players soon.

You can see more information, as well as some concepts of these upcoming stages on X-Kira’s Facebook page. Usual reminder: we don’t know for sure if any of this content is going to be released to the public, or when, until confirmed by Capcom.

Are you excited about this new content potentially coming to Street Fighter V in the future? Are there any other classic stages from older games you’d like to see fully remastered and reimagined in SFV? Tell us how you feel in the comments below.

Source: X-Kira (Facebook)

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