X-Kira discovers functioning Arcade Mode, costumes, stages, and more in latest Street Fighter V datamining report

By on August 2, 2017 at 9:00 am

If you’ve kept up all with datamining in the world of Street Fighter V, then X-Kira is a name you’re likely to recognize. Though the Brazilian data miner already has a history of leaking some of Capcom’s surprises before they’re officially announced/released, his latest report contains arguably his most interesting discoveries of all.

He notes that eventually we will have weather and time settings on stages, similarly to how the Forgotten Waterfall, Kanzuki Estate, and Shadaloo Base currently have day and night-time variations available in the Shop. He also displays a prototype “V-Mode,” that will perhaps allow all characters to choose alternate V-Skills, V-Triggers, and V-Reversals before the start of a battle in the future, something that has been highly requested by a portion of the fanbase. Next, he displays some screenshots of what appears to be a fully-working version of the “Extra Battle Mode” Capcom mentioned a long ways back, showing battles against Shadaloo Dolls Decapre and Enero, as well as low-ranking Shadaloo Soldiers, all of whom currently serve as NPC opponents in the Cinematic Story Mode: A Shadow Falls. X-Kira mentions that Capcom will implement special stipulations to matches in this mode to increase their challenge and overall difficulty to players, such as the enemy’s stun meter filling more slowly than average (while the player’s will fill up more quickly), players starting with only 50%, 30%, or 10% health (versus a full-health CPU opponent), “Extreme” difficulty, single-hit deaths, completely inverted controls, or being unable to block.

Moving on to some upcoming stages, X-Kira notes the existence of a “Shadaloo Corridor A,” as well as an Ibuki stage, possibly from Street Fighter III. Data is also displayed for a new “Dojo Mode,” as well as placeholders for new, likely Premium, Costumes for M. Bison, Karin Kanzuki, Guile, and Ibuki.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, X-Kira has found an apparently fully-functioning version of the much sought-after Arcade Mode located inside the code of SFV, revealing that it will have a total of 10 stages, which will include a Bonus Stage (hinted to be destroying Abigail’s beloved “vrrroomm vrroommm” monster truck,) as well as “Intrusion” and “Rival” battles, perhaps similar to the character-specific clashes with cutscenes seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter IV. Finally, there is a file for “ArcadeEnemy_TypeMAX,” alluding to a Final Boss battle on Stage 10. X-Kira claims to know the identity of this Boss character, but would prefer not to talk about it at this moment — also noting that the Mode could be launched today by Capcom and would run with absolutely no problems, as the core groundwork has already been laid inside the current version of the game.

You can see the entire 60-slide report, in PDF format, here.

This is certainly some interesting information, especially with all the rumors swirling about a Super Street Fighter V being announced in December at PlayStation Experience following the conclusion of Capcom Cup, and could prove that the future of Street Fighter V will be very bright — but it’s important to remember that as unfinished or locked game elements, there is no certainty that any of this will be officially released at all. Time will tell.

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Source: SRK Forums; via X-Kira’s Facebook Page

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