Street Fighter V is getting more school costumes — for Ibuki, Nash, & R. Mika — on June 27th

By on June 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm
SFV R Mika School Costume

While we’ve still got a few more weeks ’til school’s out, Capcom has decided to add a few more school-themed costumes to Street Fighter V. First shown at E3 and coming next week on June 27th, Ibuki, Nash, and R. Mika are all getting new uniforms. Ibuki’s outfit looks the most familiar, wearing her traditional fuka school uniform. Her red scarf is apparently an homage to fellow Capcom ninja Strider Hiryu, according to the blog post.

SFV Ibuki School Costume

With his hall monitor sash and pristine white gakuran uniform, I bet Nash was a right pain to deal with in high school. You can just imagine him appearing out of the shadows and dragging you to detention. His white uniform may be familiar to Rival Schools fans, with Nash looking a little like Kyosuke Kagami.

SFV Nash School Costume

As for R. Mika, she’s chosen the sensible option for her school uniform. Instead of a leotard and pigtails, Mika’s let her hair down and is wearing your standard sailor fuku. With thick glasses and loads of friendship bracelets on her arms, Mika looks like she’s leading the school pep rally when she uses her V-Skill.

SFV R Mika School Costume

These outfits will go on sale on June 27th, each going for $3.99 USD. R. Mika, Nash, and Ibuki join Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri in Capcom’s school of hard knocks. It’s probably the closest we’re going to get to a new Rival Schools game.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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