Catch up with E3’s Injustice 2 events, including exhibition matches with Scar, SonicFox, Kitana Prime and more

By on June 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm
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Nether Realm Studio’s presentation at E3 was predictably focused on one of their most successful and well received fighting games to date, Injustice 2. If you happened to miss any of these interviews or matches and wanted to catch up on the DC Fighter, Body Count Fighting has released all their videos for your viewing entertainment.

The King of the Hill tournament provides us with 45 minutes of battles between Kitana Prime, Michaelangelo, and E3 patrons.

There was an interview Ed Boon and Tyler Lansdown on the way Injustice 2 is shaping up right now, both competitively and in it’s single player campaigns.

Interviews with SonicFox, Scar, and Echo Fox owner Rick Fox, followed by an exhibition with the two NRS pros.

Ed Boon and Tyler Lansdown discussing Injustice 2’s latest DLC characters: Red Hood and Sub Zero.

Comic book artist Jim Lee and Ed Boon talk character design for Injustice 2.

And lastly, here’s an interview with Kari Wahlgren, voice actress of Starfire.

Body Count Fighting regularly puts out great FGC interviews and game-play footage, and most recently provided us with the excellent documentary on Commander Jesse. Be sure to check out their channel!

Source: Body Count Fighting

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