Japanese retailer lists “Pokkén Tournament” compatibility for HORI Switch arcade stick, then retracts listing

By on May 31, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Hori Officially Announces Nintendo Switch Fight Stick

Reported via Nintendo Life, Japanese retailer Sinobi listed Pokkén Tournament as compatible with HORI’s Nintendo Switch arcade stick. This leads to a number of questions, the most obvious being: “Pokkén Tournament is on the Switch?!”

Offering no solace to the hopeful, however, Sinobi retracted the compatibility listing and stated it was posted in error. It could be a simple flub on the retailers part, but Street Fighter players know that these “accidents” can actually reveal pretty big future announcements. Exhibit A: Ed.

One does have to wonder how you accidentally announce compatibility for a game that doesn’t exist yet, on a peripheral never officially used to play Pokkén before.


Source: Nintendo Life

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