Eagle will join Killer Instinct’s roster in June

By on May 28, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Teased during Killer Instinct Top 8 at Combo Breaker, the 29th character for Killer Instinct will be Chief Thunder’s brother, Eagle. Kidnapped by Ultratech and used at the human base for the prototype Fulgore MK3 unit, Eagle joins Killer Instinct as a cybernetic warrior who fights with a bow and a robot bird companion.

Based on the incredibly brief teaser, Eagle is an archer character who will seemingly have a finite number of arrows to use in battle. I can imagine his arrow count may be similar to Arbiter’s ammo count on his carbine, but with his bird companion either summoning or retrieving arrows that miss their target. Eagle is set to be released in June, so we’ll update you with more news about Eagle once we get a full trailer and a character breakdown.

Source: Killer Instinct

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