Improving Your Training Mindset: Joe Munday & The Philocypher on Learning How to Play Your Best

By on March 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm
SFV Ryu considering power

The Philocypher continues to chat with the author of Gief’s Gym on how your outlook on improvement affects your results in Street Fighter.

In the latest addition to his FGC Philosophy series, Tavian “The Philocypher” Napier continues his interview with r/StreetFighter moderator Joe Munday, known for his contribution to aspiring Street Fighter experts in the form of Gief’s Gym–a lesson-by-lesson guidebook to improving your Street Fighter V game.

In this interview, they discuss the meaning of the “world warrior” mindset–the willingness to travel and face new opponents to diversify and deepen your understanding of the game, and how sticking with a local scene and online play limits your ability to grow as a player. Is your focus only on gaining League Points and ranking up, or learning from your losses to build your skill level? They discuss and elaborate on those competing win/loss mindsets, the accessibility of fighting game competition as compared to professional sports, as well as the business aspects of esports today–financial considerations, versus doing what you love. Check it out below!

Be sure to check out the first part of the interview here; the second edition of Gief’s Gym is available in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon. Napier expresses some additional related thoughts–on the concept of doing more, by doing less–on his blog here.

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