Shin Hisako Acts as the Fourth Remixed Character Coming to Killer Instinct

By on March 2, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Shin Hisako

Ahead of a full gameplay reveal at Killer Instinct World Cup next weekend, Iron Galaxy have revealed the next fighter that will be coming to KI. Following in the footsteps of characters like Shadow Jago, Kilgore and Omen, Shin Hisako acts as the fourth “remixed” character for Killer Instinct, where elements of a pre-existing characters are reworked to create a new, unique fighter.

For Shin Hisako, she no longer wields her naginata, but a katana containing the spirit of her beloved father. Having purged herself of the centuries of hatred which tied her to her grave, Shin Hisako now takes up her father’s sword to defend the world from the forces of Gargos.

Shin Hisako is scheduled to launch later this month, with Iron Galaxy revealing more details about the redeemed warrior at Killer Instinct World Cup next weekend. Her new design has her wearing the signature sode shoulder armor and suneate shin guards of a samurai, combined with a black and gold dress to no doubt symbolize her purged spirit. According to combat designer and formerly of this parish Adam “Keits” Heart, Shin Hisako is “more straightforward to play than regular Hisako,” but with some cool stuff still thrown in. I imagine this will probably be manifest in a change to her Wrath meter, seeing as she has let go of her hundreds of years of anger. The next character will also be “100% new,” so keep your fingers crossed for Joanna Dark.

Sources: Killer Instinct; TheKeits

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