LINE Corporation Teams Up with Autumn Games to Distribute Mobile Skullgirls Game Worldwide

By on February 24, 2017 at 9:00 am
Skullgirls Mobile

Some of you may remember the mobile Skullgirls game that was announced in July of last year. The folks at Hidden Variable have been hard at work building their game up, with the publisher Autumn Games working to make the game a commercial success. Their latest move forward on this front has been a partnership with LINE Corporation, a company that boasts over 220 million users worldwide.

This is great news, as it means there will be more players who have the chance to get introduced to both Skullgirls and the concept of fighting games. The increase in player base may mean an increase in profit, which could bode well for a sequel to the revolutionary indie fighter–though no solid official word has been given on the possibility.

The game has developed a great deal since its announcement last year, with both new mechanics and updated visuals.

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