Evo 2017 Player’s Choice Results: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Claims the Top Spot

By on February 8, 2017 at 12:19 pm
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has gathered the most money for Make-a-Wish International!

At long last, the voting has closed for the Evo 2017 Player’s Choice, raising over $150,000 for Make-a-Wish International. The game that has earned the most money, entitling it to the opening slot at Mandalay Bay’s arena finals on Sunday–as well as a $10,000 pot bonus–is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with $71,690!

It has been a fierce battle and a close race between Pokkén Tournament ($66,906) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the top spot, with all other games trailing behind; Killer Instinct ($6116) and–remarkably–Windjammers ($4000) held strong in the middle of the pack. Nidhogg ($158) even managed to edge out over Mortal Kombat XL ($137), though the inclusion of Injustice 2 in Evo’s main lineup likely has a bit to do with that. This morning was a particularly hard fight between the two leading games, and they were neck-and-neck in donation totals until a big push in the last moments.

evo 2017 players choice results

These results are based solely on generosity.com’s closing totals; stand by for official confirmation of Evo’s ninth main game soon, once payments clear and the results are fully processed.

As recognition of the donation efforts from the Pokkén Tournament community, Evo also announced this on Twitter:

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