NeoGAF Leak Reveals HORI Fight Sticks and Pads Are Potentially Coming to the Nintendo Switch

By on January 10, 2017 at 3:03 pm

We’re coming up to the big Nintendo Switch reveal on Thursday, and it’s only likely that leaks and rumors are going to come out. In a post by user yoonshik on NeoGAF, which has gathered screenshots from the Twitter account DroidXAce, documents have apparently leaked from HORI’s European division which show off multiple accessories coming to the Switch.

While the majority of these leaked accessories are things like decals for the JoyCon, charging stands, a LAN adapter, and even a charger that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter, the main two peripherals that are important to members of the FGC are a Switch edition of the Real Arcade Pro stick, as well as a new HORI pad. In the NeoGAF thread, yoonshik posted what looks like official marketing renders of some of these products, including the HORI fight pad.

Now, if this is real, it possibly confirms two major things for the Switch. One: that fighting games are coming to the Switch in a big way, so much so that they are releasing the RAP stick especially for the system. As HORI previously made a special version of the RAP for the Wii U to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this could mean that Tekken 7 could be on its way as a possible Switch launch title. Two: it potentially confirms that a Pokkén remaster is coming to Switch, seeing as HORI made the special Pokkén fight pads and these new controllers are to replace the old ones. Especially since the DLC fighters from Pokkén have yet to arrive on the Wii U, it makes the most sense that these characters would arive in a brand new version for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, there is the strong possibility that the internal documents acquired by DroidXAce are fake, but the marketing renders posted by yoonshik do look authentic. All will no doubt be revealed on Thursday night, so keep an eye on Shoryuken as more develops.

Sources: NeoGAF; DroidXAce

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