Play Super Smash Bros. Melee in Your Browser with Melee Light

By on November 24, 2016 at 12:00 pm

If one thing that can be said for Smash players, they are nothing if not resourceful. Schmoo Games has successfully downsized the experience of playing Melee to work in your internet browser with Melee Light. Designed around a minimalist aesthetic so it can run on most machines, this version of Melee successfully replicates its movement and physics engine, so those without access to a GameCube or a decent computer can still practice.

So far, only Marth, Fox and Jigglypuff are playable in Melee Light, but they have all the tools present in Melee–so feel free to practice your dash dances, waveshines and Rest combos to your heart’s content. There is also a stage builder and a target test creator, should you want to make specific stages for practicing character movement.

If you have a Mayflash USB adapter, you can play with a GameCube controller and keys are fully rebindable should you wish to fulfill your dreams of becoming the best keyboard Melee player out there. Nintendo may slap this with a cease and desist pretty damn quick, so get experimenting with Melee Light as fast as possible.

Source: schmoo

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