Hikaru Highlights from Chaos Code: A New Sign of Catastrophe

By on November 15, 2016 at 11:00 am

With the launching version of Chaos Code, subtitled “A New Sign of Catastrophe” on the PlayStation 4, it’s a good opportunity to brush up on techniques or jump into a new game.

Hikaru makes a good starting point for Chaos Code. As the protagonist of the game, he tackles opponents with a well-balanced playstyle which includes a fireball and a shoryuken move, in addition to having good conversions and corner-carrying potential.

Here are a few examples of tech and combos:

A straightforward combo with a knockdown.

A longer combo that spends some meter, but has corner-carry. Hikaru uses an air special kick to bring the opponent down to the ground.

A damaging corner combo at max meter.

A powerful combo that uses Exceed for maximum damage.

Depending on the resources, those combos can be broken down to end earlier and get a knockdown.

For a more basic guide on how to approach the game, we have a general Chaos Code tutorial.

Sources: yomi; mgpn_mat; tips from Crimefighter

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