Esports Arena to Open New Location in Oakland, Thanks to Investment by Allied Esports

By on August 11, 2016 at 3:00 pm
Esports Arena

Thanks to an large cash injection from Chinese company Allied Esports, Esports Arena is planning to renovate their current Santa Ana location, as well as open a new Oakland branch by the end of 2016. This multi-million dollar investment comes as Allied Esports attempts to start up a worldwide gaming league, using these arenas around the world as bases for their events.

The new venue is set to be built in Oakland’s Jack London Square, using the building model pioneered at the Santa Ana Esports Arena. This means a fully stocked bar, a packed weekly schedule of games, a modular gaming area as well as a production studio and green room for event streaming. Allied Esports plans to announce a similar gaming arena to be built in Europe during next week’s Gamescom event, acting as the company’s first foray onto the continent.

The Santa Ana Esports Arena is famous among the FGC as the regular host for Wednesday Night Fights, as well as the home for 2GGaming’s Smash Sagas, so expect these style of events to be coming to NorCal by the end of the year. With the European announcement coming next week and Allied Esports planning to open up similar arenas in the Middle East, Korea, and Russia in the not too distant future, FGC members the world over could possibly expect regular, high-quality tournaments within the walls of an Esports Arena near you.

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