Check Out Even More King of Fighters XIV Play from Stunfest

By on May 24, 2016 at 11:59 am

The King of Fighters XIV saw a lot of traffic at Stunfest thanks to eager folks wanting to get their hands on the game early. This also meant those not able to attend the event got a chance to experience the game vicariously through streamed footage.

For those who didn’t catch it live, there was plenty of impressive play from players like Frionel, Piccolo San, and Qanba|Xiaohai. You can see some of those replays below.

Despite the fact that the game isn’t out yet, Grave Lee was able to put together a quick combo video highlighting it. Granted, this combo video is simply comprised of cool combos from the play at Stunfest, but it’s still worth checking out. Roughly half of the characters available in the Stunfest demo are shown off here, so it’s a pretty good chance to take a peak at what characters are capable of in the upcoming title.

If you’d like to give the game a go before it releases, or if you just want to catch more early footage, be sure to keep your eyes on events like Combo Breaker and CEO.

Source: KOF Online, Felipe Moro, Grave Lee

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