Playable King of Fighters XIV Demo Making a Stop at Community Effort Orlando 2016

By on May 13, 2016 at 12:59 pm

A playable demo of The King of Fighters XIV has been making it’s way around the global tournament circuit, with new planned stops popping up regularly. We recently learned that CEO 2016–which takes place just two months before the launch of the game–now counts itself among the growing list of upcoming events to host a playable version of the title. If you live in the US and weren’t able to make PAX East or won’t be attending Combo Breaker, this might be one of your only chances to learn the game before the rest of the competition.

While the demo will not be a tournament title, it has been confirmed that CEOtaku in October will be one of the earliest major events to carry the game. Be sure to register and book your stay early, if that interests you.

Community Effort Orlando 2016 is happening June 24-26 in Orlando, Florida. More information can be found here. CEOtaku takes place October 1st-2nd in Orlando as well. Get a head start on preparing for that event here.

Source: CEO Gaming

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