Here’s How Sagat, Eagle, Sodom, Go Hibiki, and More Might Have Looked in Street Fighter V

By on April 2, 2016 at 4:23 pm

Like many fighting game franchises, Street Fighter has a diverse universe of both playable and background characters waiting in the wings to join the roster. While we currently know who will do so in Street Fighter V’s first year, there’s still a ridiculous number of candidates who could possibly be given a shot in the future.

CFN Portal, which serves as the official Capcom Fighters Network website, recently published a number of columns discussing characters who didn’t make the cut in Street Fighter V, along with concept art that shows how their designs may have been updated for the new installment. These include returning characters like Sagat, Adon, and Gen; classic cast members like Lee, Geki, and Retsu; popular family members like Ken’s wife and child; and even alternate versions of current faces, like a younger Birdie and a heel version of Nadeshiko that apparently has it out for R. Mika.

Oh, and, Max and Scott are the official names for the two dudes featured in Street Fighter II’s iconic intro. After all these years, Capcom has identified them. Crazy!

We’ve include a massive gallery below depicting this art in all its glory, with our best guesses as to who each character is. If we made a mistake, be sure to let us know in the comments and we’ll get it fixed up as soon as possible. For now, feel free to sound off on who your favorites are and cross your fingers these concepts won’t go to waste.


Abel, Abel (soldier), Adon


Azam, Azam (wrestler), Birdie (young), Max (SFII intro)


Delta Red, Keith Wolfman, Lita Luwanda, Matthew McCoy


George Ginzu, Dorai (Chun-Li’s father), Eagle, El Fuerte


Eliza (Ken’s wife), Geki, Gen, Go Hibiki (Dan’s father)


Mikhail Gorbachev, Gouken, Goutetsu, Mike Haggar


Joe, Ken (biker), Lee, Mel (Ken’s son)


Mike, Nadeshiko, Nadeshiko (heel), Oni


Patricia (Tom’s daughter), Retsu, Rose, Rufus


Sagat, Scott (SFII intro), Sodom, Tom (Alex’s mentor)


Source: Capcom via NeoGAF, Facebook, tip via El Chakotay