53 Moves You Should Be Punishing in Street Fighter V

By on March 14, 2016 at 3:52 pm

As is the case with any new game, it’s likely that more than a few Street Fighter V players are letting punish opportunities slip by. In face, this lack of familiarity means some simply don’t know how to deal with the offense their opponents are dishing out.

To help educate players, SFGod shared a new video that shows a number of moves (53, to be exact) that may seem safe, but are actually punishable. These include poorly ranged run-ins from Ken, light punch Tragedy Assaults from Nash, Dhalsim’s instant air teleports, and more.

Take note that, while the video below uses Rashid as an example, every character should be able to punish these in their own way.

Source: SFGod

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