Street Fighter V is Already Breaking Registration Records at Evo 2016

By on February 22, 2016 at 9:33 am

One of the biggest questions surrounding Street Fighter V’s competitive future was if it would have the same impact on the community as its predecessor, and the latest details from the Evolution Championship Series organizers prove that it’s on pace to be even bigger.

Just four days after registration opened, Street Fighter V has broken Evo’s already lofty registration records. While an exact figure wasn’t provided, looking back at the previous records set at Evo 2015 gives us an idea of how high the numbers have reached.

Last year, Ultra Street Fighter IV raised the bar with 2227 individual competitors, the largest collection of players the tournament had seen since its inception. The fact that it’s taken the community less than a week to surpass that number is incredible.

Evo 2016 is scheduled for July 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Street Fighter V is among the handful of titles that will have their finals showcased at the massive Mandalay Bay arena on Sunday. Further details can be found here.

Source: Evo, tip via NightmareSteam