Bid Farewell to Street Fighter V’s Beta with This Community Video Roundup

By on December 21, 2015 at 1:41 pm

Street Fighter V’s third beta phase recently came to a close, and with its closing went our last bit of (planned) access to the game until its official release. The next several weeks will be long ones, so we wanted to send the game out with a sizable community roundup. Combos, option selects, opinions, and general goofiness can all be found below. We hope you enjoy it!

Let’s get things warmed up with a look at Hurtbox TV’s Zangief combo video. As with their previous Street Fighter V combo videos, this footage offers viewers a good idea of the sort of combo potential the the wrestler brings to the game.

Hurtbox wasn’t alone in creating Zangief combo videos. Combo and tech mastermind Desk took a stab at demonstrating some destruction as well, the results of which you can see below.

Combos aside, Desk also discovered a handful of option selects that allow the Red Cyclone to connect a buffered Critical Art under certain circumstances. As you’ll see, it works off more than just one button, so Gief looks to be an intimidating force at plenty of ranges.

However, he’s not unstoppable! As Desk demonstrates in this next video, even the wrestler’s twirling V-Trigger (with vacuum action!) can be fully parried by Ryu players with the guts to try.

In this next video, UltraDavid shows “Zangief Doin Crazy Crap,” which you’ll soon see is an apt title for the footage. On top of being able to combo his EX SPD, Zangief can use it to cover his approach against certain options, including dragon punches. While it can likely still be refined even more, this setup offers a timing that should keep opponents grounded on their wakeup.

Anyone who has watched UltraDavid break apart new games knows that he loves option selects. In these next two videos, he shows off some interesting discoveries that allow characters to throw specific moves in the event that their opponent enters the Crush Counter state and use others if they don’t. Chances are this will be important for everyone to pick up, so start planning your own options today!

If you’ve spent some time with Necalli, you’ll certainly have noticed that his combo options outside of V-Trigger leave much to be desired. As LPN demonstrates below, that all melts away once Necalli trades in his dreads and goes full-on Goku.

This next segment contains no video footage, but in the audio provided, Bafael discusses his thoughts on the state of Street Fighter V. He talks about his views on the power of blockstrings, where he feels walk up throws fit into the game, and plenty more. If you’re looking to learn some of the ways that the game differs from the current generation of Street Fighter, this short talk is a great place to start.

Okay, enough with the serious stuff. Not everyone who spent some hours with the beta this weekend did so discovering new technology. Some people just loaded up the game and had a great time.

Rashid will certainly cause plenty of headaches once people figure him out, but in this video, Lamerboi seems to have already done a good job of just that.

And lastly, here’s a devastating look at what happened to Big Cheese when he was working on a combo and the game servers went down. You will be missed, combo that almost was.

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