Capcom Pro Tour 2016 to Focus Entirely on Street Fighter V

By on December 9, 2015 at 10:38 am

After hearing that next year’s Capcom Pro Tour will be built around Street Fighter V, many in the community were curious if its predecessor would still have a place in the competitive circuit. Unfortunately for all you Street Fighter IV players out there, Capcom senior marketing manager Matt Dahlgren put the kibosh on that discussion during the most recent episode of Best of III.

“Right now, we plan on just focusing on Street Fighter V,” Dahlgren explained. “We have a pretty lean team, and to double up our production capabilities is pretty tough for us. We’ve got a lot riding on the success of Street Fighter V, so that’s where our focus is going to be moving forward.”

While that’s a pretty concrete answer, it would appear that other details of the tour are still being hammered out. When the subject of the “baseline” $500,000 prize pool was brought up, Dahlgren said they are still looking into ways to expand that figure. Additionally, they are working towards including some sort of online component in the Capcom Pro Tour again, making their continued Street Fighter V beta testing all the more important in terms of next year’s competition.

For more of their discussion with Dahlgren as well as Capcom Cup’s breakout star Keoma Pacheco, be sure to check out the full archive below.

Source: Daily Dot Esports