Karin’s V-Trigger Opens Up Her Classic Guren Ken Paths in Street Fighter V

By on September 17, 2015 at 12:35 am

After her reveal at Tokyo Game Show, fans were quick to dissect any Karin footage they could get their hands on to figure out what she brings to the table in Street Fighter V. Fortunately, some of the mystery behind this returning character has been dispelled by associate producer Peter “Combofiend” Rosas in his latest PlayStation Blog post.

First off, Karin’s V-Skill, Meioken, sees the young heiress lunge forward for a palm strike, negating projectiles and knocking opponents to the ground. By charging the move, she gains better properties on both hit and block.


Karin’s most noteworthy Alpha technique, the Guren Ken, has transitioned to Street Fighter V as her V-Trigger. Upon activation, she will gain access to a set of attacks that function similarly to Abel’s Change of Direction in Street Fighter IV. Unlike the French mercenary, however, Karin has a ridiculous amount of follow-ups at her disposal that allow her to combo into overheads, sweeps, and throws as well as bait opponents with a quick backdash.


Karin is currently playable at Tokyo Game Show 2015, so stay tuned for further gameplay details as the convention continues.

Source: PlayStation Blog, tip via NightmareSteam