Programmer Joseph McCullough Develops Chrome Extension for Sending Challonge Text Alerts During Tournaments

By on October 8, 2014 at 1:36 pm

While Evolution’s integration with Guidebook over the past few years has provided players numerous resources to remind them of their pool assignments and starting times, the continued placement of responsibility on competitors themselves still results in a number of bracket issues, both high-profile and under-the-radar, whenever a new event rolls around. Thankfully, one programmer has taken it upon himself to give tournament organizers a useful tool to alleviate this friction.

Working in conjunction with Google’s Chrome web browser and bracket generator Challonge, Joseph “JoeQuery” McCullough’s extension allows organizers to attach a cell phone number to each tournament entrant, which they can then use to remind players of upcoming matches, give them a heads-up when they are on deck at their station, and more.

McCullough provides a more in-depth look at what this extension is capable of in the demonstration below.

While it lacks detailed instructions at this point in time, you can grab McCullough’s tool and try it out for yourself here. He mentions having used it to great success at a recent tournament in his local area, and hopes Challonge incorporates functionality like this in the near future to help everyone who uses their service.

Source: JoeQuery via Jose Rangel