More Gameplay Footage, Movelist Details for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-‘s Sin Kiske and Elphelt from Tokyo Game Show 2014

By on September 18, 2014 at 11:23 am

Dengeki Online is one of the many publications covering this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and they recently had the opportunity to check out the upcoming console version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. As part of their coverage, they’ve spent some hands-on time with new characters Sin Kiske and Elphelt at the Arc System Works booth, capturing some off-screen footage and gathering more details about their gameplay in the process.

The following are translated movelists courtesy of our own USD, coupled with new screenshots from Dengeki.

Sin Kiske

  • Hawk Baker – 623S, invulnerable Shoryuken-type move.
Hawk Baker
Hawk Baker
  • Beak Driver – 236HS, rapidly press HS to extend.
  • Bull Bash – 214S
Bull Bash
Bull Bash
  • Elk Hunt – 236K
  • Tobi Agari – 214P or K
  • Sodachizakari Dakara na – 214HS, consumes food to replenish his food gauge. There are multiple types of food that will recover different amounts, meat will recover the largest amount.
Sodachizakari Dakara na
  • Floating Beak Driver – 214S (mid-air)
  • R.T.L. – 632146HS (mid-air)
  • Voltic Deign – 236236P (mid-air), shoots a missile that moves forward slowly.
Voltic Deign


  • Rifle Stance – 236S, readies Miss Confire. Elphelt brings out her her sniper rifle to shoot anywhere on screen. The power of her shot increases the longer the crosshairs stay on her opponent.
    • Shoot – P, K, S, or HS (while in Rifle Stance).
  • Shotgun Stance – 236HS, readies Miss Travailer. Elphelt switches to her shotgun. Hitting opponents will wall splat them, allowing her to approach.
    • Shove – P (while in Shotgun Stance).
    • Roll – K (while in Shotgun Stance).
    • Kuzusu – 8P (while in Shotgun Stance).
    • Shoot – HS (while in Shotgun Stance).
  • Pineberry – 236P (air ok), Elphelt pulls the pin on a grenade when she hits P. She can then throw it in one of two ways depending on her input. Once the pin is pulled, a timer counts down to zero, upon which the grenade explodes. Be careful, as you can damage yourself this way.
    • Throw Above – 4P
    • Throw Under – 2P
  • Bridal Express – 214K (air ok)
  • Judge Better Half – 236236P

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is set to release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan on December 4.

Source: Dengeki Online, tip via Kurushii, translations by USD

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