Check Out Every Ultra Combo Animation in Ultra Street Fighter IV Without Cinematic Camera Angles

By on August 13, 2014 at 2:35 pm

A great deal of care goes into crafting Ultra Street Fighter IV’s ultra animations. Everything, from the sounds to the flashing lights to the camera angles, has to be perfect to make that moment when Ryu’s knuckles flatten his opponent’s face just right.

But what happens when we remove the cinematic angles? Thanks to this lengthy video from moo422, we can now see exactly what’s going on during these animations, and they still look pretty impressive without all the strategic zooming and panning.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what Makoto clings to when there’s no wall nearby during her Abare Tosanami or wanted a better look at the upside-down soldier who assists Rolento with his Take No Prisoners, this footage holds the answers that you seek.

Source: moo422