Capcom’s Christian Svensson Disappointed in Misinterpretation of Demand for Darkstalkers Resurrection, Opening Sales Numbers

By on April 11, 2013 at 11:25 am

In a recent post on the Capcom-Unity forums, Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson addressed Darkstalkers Resurrection’s placing on the PlayStation Network’s top ten list for March, which some perceived as a sign the title was selling well. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to Svensson, it would have had to place higher to be considered a success in Capcom’s eyes. While they are currently working on new ways to promote the title and boost those numbers, he also mentions being disappointed by the disparity between demand for the franchise and its subsequent sales figures.

His entire message has been included below.

Sadly, it’s not as high on that list as it really needs to be to be successful. We’re working on promotions and the like to improve the situation. We’ve not given up. But I’m disappointed in the opening sales response relative to any other fighting title we’ve put out on the same platforms given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years and the quality of the execution. It is the most fully featured and probably best project of this type we’ve done.

And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, I’m not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand. I’m very thankful for those guys (thank you, to all of you). I’m more disappointed by my misread of the information in this particular case.

Though there’s no clear indication that this will affect the possibility of another entry in the Darkstalkers series, producer Tomoaki Ayano has hinted that Capcom was using Resurrection to gauge interest for a new title.

Source: Capcom-Unity via Gamespot