Arc System Works Releases Information on BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma’s System Changes and Move Lists

By on August 5, 2012 at 7:55 pm

After announcing the latest entry in their BlazBlue series yesterday, Arc System Works released information regarding system changes and move lists for every character in the Chrono Phantasma cast. These are currently being translated by members of the Dustloop community, so we’ll continue to update this post as more details become available. For now, feel free to check out the images and short list of changes below.

Remember that these may still be subject to further changes, as Chrono Phantasma is only now entering its first location test.



  • Gold Bursts have been removed, replaced with Overdrive.
  • Green Bursts work as before.
  • Crush Trigger: Pressing A+B during certain attacks will break your opponent’s guard (unless they’re using Barrier). This costs 25% Heat.


Overdrive Details

  • Builds up over time, activated with ABCD.
  • Increases attack power(?) and grants character-specific benefits.
  • Duration depends on your health.
  • Freezes the timer when used.



  • Ragna: Blood Kain Idea –
  • Jin: Frost End – Yukianesa attacks freeze the opponent.
  • Noel: Chain Quasar – Increases speed of Drive moves.
  • Rachel: Elf Lied – Wind Meter charges faster.
  • Taokaka: Almost Becoming Two –
  • Tager: Voltic Field – Forces magnetism on opponent.
  • Litchi: Daisharin – Move the staff with Direction + D.
  • Arakune: Crimson Depths – Curse meter doesn’t drain while active.
  • Bang: Furinkazan –
  • Carl: Synchro High Speed – Nirvana is strengthened.
  • Hakumen: Kishin – Magatama charge faster, can cancel D attacks into Specials, cannot Crush Trigger.
  • Tsubaki: Second Install – Install Gauge automatically charges.
  • Hazama: Jormangund – Drive attacks are stronger, gains Life Steal ring.
  • Makoto: Galaxian Impact – All Drive moves are Level 3.
  • Valkenhayn: Endlos Volf – Wolf Gauge charges much faster.
  • Platinum: Magical Heart Catch – Unlimited use of current item.
  • Relius: Maxima Dance – Ignis gauge recharges faster.
  • Amane: Cyclone – All Drive attacks are max level.
  • Bullet: Heat the Beat – Permanent “Heat Up” state while active.
  • Azrael: Mind Colosseo – All attacks act act as though they’d hit weak points.


Character Changes

  • New Move: Blood Scythe
    • 214D, also in air.
  • Changed Move: Dead Spike
    • Input is now 236D.


  • Changed Move: Sekkajin
    • Input is now 22C, has followups.
  • New Move: Hizansen
    • j.214C
  • New Move: Hizangeki
    • j.214D
  • Changed Move: Hiyoku Getsumei
    • Can be performed in the air.
  • 236B and 236C removed
  • 214A removed
  • 623A removed


  • New Move: XVII: Chamber Shot
    • 236C
  • New Move: Revolver Blast > Additional Attack
    • j.2C after Revolver Blast


  • New Move: Beelze Lotus (ベルゼ similar to ベルゼブブ or Beelzebub)
    • 22A/j.22A
  • New Move: Barel Lotus (uncertain kana)
    • 22B/j.22B


  • New Move: Cat Spirit Encore!
    • B after Cat Spirit On
  • New Move: Unison “Nyaibu” (uncertain kana ニャいぶ)
    • j.236236D


  • New Move: Air Driver
    • 360A
  • New Move: Grand Punish
    • j.63214A
  • Changed Move: Spark Bolt
    • Can be performed with 623D


  • New Move: Kanchan
    • 421C[e]
  • New Move: Chankan
    • 41236A > D
  • New Move: Chinroutou
    • 632146A
  • 41236A > B and 41236A > C removed


  • New Move: Permutation,n,r
    • 22A/B/C, j.22A/B/C
  • New Move: a±b
    • 41236A, j.41236A in curse


  • Changed Move: Steel Rain
    • 41236A, no longer a distortion
  • New Move: Retsu Sora Musasabi no Jutsu (rough translation: Splitting Flying Squirrel Technique)
    • j.22A
  • New Move: Shishigami Ninpou no Gekiougi: Gekiman Ku Shippu Geki (rough translation: Shishigami-style Absolute Technique: blah blah blah i’ll come up with something later)
    • 236236D with 4 seals


  • New Move: Con Tenerezza
    • 46]D[


  • New Move: Agito
    • j.214A, takes up 1 mag


  • Changed Move: Sanctus Veritas (214X)
    • Only B and D versions can be performed
  • Changed Move: Sanctum Decus (22X)
    • Only B and D versions can be performed
  • Changed Move: Benedictus Rex (623X)
    • Only C and D versions can be performed
  • Changed Move: Aequum Eleison (j.236X)
    • Only A and D versions can be performed
  • New Move: Shingi: Yami wo Ugatsu Agari
    • [4]6C/D
  • New Move: Shinsa: Mu he Izanau Kusari
    • 63214C
  • New Move: Shinpatsu: Chi wo Hofuru Yaiba
    • 632146B


  • New Move: Jakatsu
    • 214D >> 66/44 (dash)
  • New Move: Orochi Burensou
    • 632146D after Jasetsu (214D) or Jakatsu (214D >> 66/44)


  • New Move: Cosmic Ray
    • 214A > D, able to charge
  • New Move: Lander Blow
    • 214A > C > D, able to charge
  • Changed Move: Shooting Star
    • Able to perform standalone using 236D


  • Changed Move: Rasen Wolf
    • Now performed with lever direction + D


  • New Move: Happy Magicka
    • 41236C


  • New Move: Gad Leis
    • 41236B
  • Changed Move: Id Naiads
    • Can perform off of ground Id Lauger
  • New Move: Geara Lugia
    • 22A/B/C


New Characters


Drive: Spiral

Amane’s drive attacks turn his cloth into a drill, into which he can use to attack his opponent. Heavily implied in the command list that there is a level system with it.

Overdrive: Cyclone

Amane’s drive attacks are upgraded to their final level.

Special Moves

  • Ninpu Sengeki: Hariken
    • 236D
  • Ninpu Sengeki: Hariken > Additional Attack
    • A/B/C after Hariken
  • Juken Dageki: Gekiren
    • 623C
  • Choujuu Rengeki: Raibu
    • 236C
  • Tensou Rakugeki: Gosei
    • j.236C
  • Choujin Kaihii: Zettou
    • 236A/B or 214A/B

Distortion Drives

  • Kyouryuu Tokkou: Seijuu Rensoukyaku
    • 632146C
  • Kaizoku Senkou: Goukai Rasen Renpa
    • 632146D



Drive: Lockon

Bullet’s drive attacks allow her to quickly rush at her opponent and grab them, provided that she is close enough to the opponent. A “heat” system is implied with the drive attacks.

Overdrive: Heat the Beat

Bullet is temporarily in an infinite “Heat Up” state.

Special Moves

  • Wadcut: Engage
    • 236D
    • Restricted in “Heat Up”
  • Flint Shooter
    • 236A, able to charge
  • Cutting Shear
    • 623B
  • Explode: Engage
    • 623B > 22D
    • Restricted in “Heat Up”
  • Miquelet Capture
    • 63214C
  • Piercing: Engage
    • 63214C > 236D
    • Restricted in “Heat Up”
  • Snaphance Fist
    • 623C, j.623C
  • Flechette: Engage
    • 623C/j.236C > 623D
    • Restricted in “Heat Up”
  • Afterburner
    • 214D, able to charge

Distortion Drives

  • Rage Aggressor
    • 2363214C
  • Serpentine Assault
    • 720A
  • Frangible: Engage
    • 720A > 720D
    • Restricted in “Heat Up”
  • Blackout
    • 720A > 720D > 1080D
    • Uses another 50 heat



Drive: The Terra

Azrael’s drive attacks reveal weak points on the opponent when they hit the opponent.

Overdrive: Mind Colosseo

Azrael’s drive attacks now reveal weak points even on block.

Special Moves

  • Gustaf Buster
    • 236A
  • Tiger Magnum
    • 236C
  • Cobra Spike
    • 236C > 46C
  • Leopard Launcher
    • 236C > 46C > 6C
  • Growler Field
    • 214B, able to charge
  • Phalanx Cannon
    • 214B (hit) > 236B
  • Sentinel Dump
    • 623C or 22C on downed opponent
  • Valiant Crush
    • 236D, able to charge
  • Valiant Charger
    • 236D (hit weak point) > 6 (hold right)
  • Hornet Bunker
    • 214D, able to charge
  • Hornet Chaser
    • 214D (hit weak point) > 8 (hold up)

Distortion Drives

  • Blackhawk Stinger
    • 236236D
  • Scud Punishment
    • 214214D


Sources: Arc System Works, Dustloop