Summary of SDCC Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Panel

By on July 24, 2011 at 12:17 am

Chindogg sent over a summary of today’s Ultimate MvC3 panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

Summary by Chindogg

– 12 new characters. They acknowledged the leak but kindly asked to not ask about leaked roster specifics at this time.
– 2 new colors per character (not DLC), bringing the total to 6 basic colors. 1 DLC outfit will be available per character. These are totally new costumes, not just alternate colors. The new color options will reflect on Marvel and Capcom’s past and current happenings, examples include:

  • Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey (with face tattoo)
  • First Issue Cap w/ original shield
  • Alternate Universe Dr. Doom (red cape, Deadpool markings on mask),
  • Deathwish Deadpool (alternative universe),
  • SNES War of the Gems evil costumes for Wolverine, Hawkeye, and Iron Man,
  • Classic sea green and bright purple pants Hulk,
  • Fantastic Four Doctor Doom,
  • First appearance Dormammu

– Many DLC costumes revealed, including:

  • Alpha Chun Li
  • “Casual Friday” Morrigan
  • STARS Wesker
  • NES Strider
  • X-Men Evolution X23
  • Uncanny X-Men Storm (Mohawk Storm)
  • “Graceland” MODOK
  • Battle Armor C.Viper (apparently there’s something in the works relating to this costume that they’ll share at a later date)
  • Homeworld Super Skrull
  • Classic Sentinel
  • Cyber Akuma
  • Doomwar Doctor Doom

– X-factor tweaking: done in air and other tweaks they said they’re working on

– All original MvC3 characters being rebalanced with new moves/properties to better flesh out the roster

– More robust single player experience, including more endings

– More artistic approach to look more like a comic book


– Firebrand, Strider, Ghost Rider, and Hawkeye character videos

– A sneak peak at the unfinished opening video. They use the page turning Marvel animation before Marvel films then Capcom uses their own version of the page turning animation, showing scenes from the vs series featuring Capcom characters

– Interesting/awkward QA moment: An african-american fan asked why there are not more black or female characters in UMvC3. Very awkward pause from the panel, finally stating that it is something that they’re considering and may address in the future. They further state that the game is still in development and things may be added in the future (no confirms on DLC other than costumes).

Head over to for some photos of some of these new outfits and colors. [thanks, alex_mmorales]

Video of special cinematic, thanks to kzarecka.