Focus Attack Donate Cans 3 Streaming Live from Northglenn, Colorado
Today, StrikeFirst Colorado and Mile High Burst will present the third installment of their Focus Attack Donate Cans charity event. Last... Read more
S.O.S. Gamers Entering Final Stretch of Youth Smash League Donation Drive
Earlier this month, the heads of S.O.S. Gamers–Kwabena “Kubuu” Ampofo and Antoine “DA|Wes” Lewis-Hall–announced plans to bring a Super... Read more
Help Community Member Bishop “Shatterstar” Wagner Fight Cancer
Before there was BROKENTIER, before the Underground Syndicate Asked “When’s Mahvel?”, before we had shirts complaining about behavior on... Read more
Community Donations Sending FGC|Pepeday to DreamHack Winter 2014
A few weeks ago, the r/Kappa subreddit held a successful fundraiser to send Japanese El Fuerte player Pepeday, from the... Read more
Only Three Days Left in Super Arcade’s Kickstarter Campaign
After putting the future of his establishment in the community’s hands back in March, Mike Watson’s Super Arcade fundraiser... Read more
Help Bring X-MANIA USA and Tournament of Legends II to Evo 2014!
Super Turbo Revival and Evo are bringing the arcade classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo back to Evo this year.... Read more
Travis Beauchamp Aiming to Expand The Smash Brothers Documentary Series with Kickstarter Campaign
Last year, East Point Pictures and director Travis “Samox” Beauchamp released an excellent documentary series chronicling the history of... Read more
Super Arcade Kickstarter Reaches $44,000 Target, First Stretch Goal Announced
In just under three weeks, Mike Watson’s Super Arcade Kickstarter has reach its initial goal of $44,000, allowing the... Read more
[UPDATE] One Day Left in SDTECHIN’s Donation Drive for Patrick Collins’ Family
UPDATE – SDTECHIN’s donation drive will come to a close later today, so be sure to participate should you... Read more
Mike Watson Plans to Open Super Arcade Fundraiser in February
After a variety of blog posts about his time at Super Arcade and detailing the issues that arise when... Read more
Patrick Collins Fundraiser Tournament feat. Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Streaming Live from Super Arcade
IE Battlegrounds recently went live with their broadcast of the Patrick Collins fundraiser tournament being held at Super Arcade... Read more
Kings of New York, Marvel Remix Fundraising Tournaments for Nelson “Remix” Reyes Streaming Live
Beloved community member Nelson “Remix” Reyes was put to rest on December 29, but the folks at Mashfest and Super... Read more