Bar Fights Round 2

Bar Fights Round 2

News December 22, 2012 1,744

What’s better than a bag of salt for Christmas? Cross Counter is proud to present Bar Fights round 2... Read more
Philadelphia Bar Battles Playlist (SF X TK, UMVC3) by 8WayRun
Jaxel from 8WayRun has just posted 35 videos worth of matches from Philly’s first Bar Battles event. Big names... Read more
Capcom Bar Stars Selling Street Fighter X Tekken Themed Food
While the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku started by catering to the Resident Evil fanbase, the chefs are now beginning... Read more
Capcom Bar Opens in Shinjuku Next Month
While Capcom and karaoke bar chain Pasela have worked together in the past, most notably to promote the company’s... Read more