Get Ready to Earn That Fight Money with These Balrog Videos for Street Fighter V

Strategy Jun 29, 2016 0

Since the announcement that the fully-playable boxer would be joining Street Fighter V in Friday’s update, the hype for Balrog has been strong. Ibuki’s on her way too–but at the moment it’s Balrog’s time in the limelight, just how he... Read more

Punish Your Street Fighter V Opponents with Rashid’s V-Reversal

News Jun 28, 2016 0

VFM_Wolfman, a high-ranking Rashid player on Capcom Fighters Network, shared a series of creative... Read more

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Releases in North America

News Jun 28, 2016 0

3D arena fighter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, was released digitally today in... Read more

CEO 2016 Proves the US vs. JP Pokkén Tournament Skill Gap Has Closed

Discussion Jun 28, 2016 0

Do you like upsets? Because there were plenty to go around this year at... Read more

Wavedash Games Continues Their Dev Vlog Series, Discussing Game Design

Videos Jun 28, 2016 0

In the build-up to actually releasing some tangible information about their new platform fighter,... Read more
Filipinoman Talks Sponsors, Evo, and Top Street Fighter V Players in Interview with Daily Dot Esports
The most recent U.S. Capcom Pro Tour Premier event for Street Fighter V, CEO 2016, is now in the...
King of Fighters XIV Developers Discuss Design Decisions, DLC
Japanese gaming news site 4Gamer recently interviewed the King of Fighters XIV developers and revealed some pertinent information about...
Tokido Talks about Playing Ryu, Fighting Fuudo and Phenom’s Success at DreamHack Summer 2016
The latest video in the Capcom Pro Tour Interview Series features Tokido, speaking from DreamHack Summer 2016. After musing...
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Evo 2016 Evolution 07/15 – 07/17 Las Vegas, NV
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