Bar Battles V – June 22, 2013
Coming to Philadelphia later this month, Bar Battles V will feature fighting game tournaments, food, fun, and a special... Read more
Expo Fighter brings Indie Fighting to the Browser
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Inkblot and Ponder’s Next Big Thing, and How You can Help!
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Evo Partners with NYU Game Center for 2013 Scholarship!
The EVO Scholarship will allow a member of the fighting game community to attend the prestigious NYU Game Center... Read more
Final Round 16 Roundup on Gamespot’s GameCenter Episode 2
This week Gamespot’s new competitive gaming news roundup show has a nice overview of Final Round 16.  Gootecks summarizes... Read more
NYU Spring Fighter 2013 with Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara and Seth Killian.  Submit Your Questions!
NYU Game Center has announced it’s third annual Spring Fighter event for April 13th.  The event will feature tournaments, but... Read more
Forum Overhaul This Week.  Go Outside and Play.
To improve SRK’s overall speed and reliability, we’re moving the forums off our own own servers and onto Vanilla... Read more
Skullgirls Gets Cash, Exhibition Support at Evo 2013
Though they didn’t win, we were truly impressed by Skullgirls’ showing in our recent donation drive.  The Skullgirls scene... Read more
Winter Brawl Joins the Road to EVO 2013
I’m happy to announce that we are expanding the U.S. tournaments awarding EVO 2013 seeds to five, with the... Read more
Fighting Game Fans Raise over $225,000 for Breast Cancer Research.  Smash Wins!
The totals are in, and wow… what an incredible ride! Hard work, community bonding, community competition, surprises, gamesmanship, and... Read more
Team vs. Singles Format for Street Fighter IV.  Discuss!
Gene Angel at ESFI World suggests that Street Fighter IV move to the team format as a tournament standard. It’s... Read more
Evo 2013 Details! Game Lineup, Get Your Game to Evo, and Road to Evo Events
Mr. Wizard has revealed the first set of announcements for this year’s Evo tournament, held July 12-14 at the... Read more