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Independent Coders Create Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game with MUGEN Engine
A group of independent coders are creating an authentic 2D Dragon Ball fighting game that just might erase the mediocre streak of recent 3D releases. The group, who have dubbed themselves Z2, released the demo of Hyper Dragon Ball Z two days ago. The current demo has 11 stages and five... Read more
Capcom vs. SNK 2, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and MUGEN Auction Tournaments Planned for Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10
In addition to the craziness of their Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom X tournament, the folks behind Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10 are set to provide another round of auction events during this year’s festivities. According to the announcement, Marvel will be making a return to the auction arena along with... Read more
BBCS:EX – Incredibly Damaging Hakumen Mugen Loops
This new combo video by Vipp was uploaded by pktazn1213 that shows off some really scary stuff using Hakumen in Blazblue Continuum Shift: Extend. Most of them are extremely simple, extremely damaging corner loops that utilize Hakumen’s Mugen install. Many of them are easy to hit-confirm into as well. For example,... Read more
Bridging Japanese and American Guilty Gear: An Interview with Mikado’s MajinObama
Editor’s note: Some responses have been slightly altered for the sake of clarity. Joniosan is a prominent Japanese Guilty Gear streamer who regularly showcases the top talent in the country. The typical meeting ground for the exhibitions and tournaments is the famous Takadanobaba Game Center Mikado in Tokyo. Recently, an... Read more
This Saturday Arc System Works will be hosting their third annual official tournament, ARC REVOLUTION CUP 2015. Originally hosted as part of the developer’s 25th anniversary commemorative event, ARC SYSTEM WORKS FESTIVAL, this year’s ArcRevo is shaking things up as it will be the first to be played primarily on... Read more
Inside the Evo 2015 Indie Showcase; Duck Game, Capsule Force, VIDEOBALL, and More
The Evo Indie Showcase is back for 2015, with an awesome new lineup of competitive indie games curated and hosted by Evo and The MIX. Read on for a sneak peek at the games you’ll see on the show floor! [hr] Duck Game (Landon Podbielski) Who are you? I’m an independent... Read more
Chaos Code Patch Pushed to Consoles in North America and Europe
Remember Chaos Code? While it never quite took off in the west, developer FK Digital has continued to support their flagship fighter in Japan, resulting in a handful of patches and post-launch character additions. Fortunately, they haven’t forgotten about their fans in North America and Europe. A brand new update... Read more
Two Main Characters, Five Assists Join the Cast of Nitroplus Blasterz
EXAMU has announced two more cast members for the upcoming Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, which brings together a number of Nitroplus’ light novel properties. Ignis from Jingai Makyo and Anna from Gekko no Carnavale will be joining the title as main characters. Also revealed were a number of new support... Read more
Level Up Your Game in Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 with This Tutorial Collection
Today we’ve got a hefty helping of high quality Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 videos to share. The community surrounding this game is still thriving and if tutorials like these continue to release, the scene surrounding the crossover will undoubtedly stay alive for quite some time. First off, Nhaztalkjik... Read more
LordWilliam1234 Treats His Subscribers to a Giant 193-Combo Video Featuring Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013
Earlier this month when LordWilliam1234 hit 193 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he treated everyone to a collection of 193 different combos. The number may be an odd milestone to choose; the combos, however, are anything but. Even with such a daunting number of combos to create, LordWilliam1234 maintains the same high... Read more
Phase-4 Joins the Cast of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Later This Month
The arcade version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate may be a few steps ahead of its console counterparts, but Team NINJA is set to rectify that by releasing Kasumi clone Phase-4 later this month. According to a recent tweet, this new character is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation Network in... Read more
Kamehameha! Developer Ronnie “Balthazar” Dieleman Talks Hyper Dragon Ball Z
When it was first released, Dragon Ball Z was a big deal. Giant projectiles, meteoric fight scenes, iconic protagonists and antagonists…the series set the standards for future titles, and it continues to be a beloved entry in the anime and manga genres. But gaming companies never fully transferred the elements... Read more