Fantasy Strike includes entire roster in free-to-play update that brings new characters, cosmetics, and Fantasy+ subscription features

By on July 21, 2020 at 7:16 pm
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Nearly every mode is available for free, but some things still come at a price and sometimes that cost comes monthly

Fantasy Strike developer Sirlin Games announced today that the title is now free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux with plenty of new content for first-time players and longtime fans. Anyone who downloads Fantasy Strike can play with every character on the roster in Online Casual and Ranked matches alongside spectator mode, practice mode, and solo matches against AI opponents.

This is quite the feat for a free-to-play title. Typically, free-to-play games cycle through available characters, giving players a sample of what to expect from them before deciding to either buy the character or the entire game based on their experience. Fantasy Strike does the opposite, giving players access to every essential part of the game at no cost.

New characters General Onimaru and Quince are also joining the fight for free and add unique play styles to the roster. General Onimaru strikes with his giant sword that can become unblockable and Quince uses illusions to distract and attack his enemies.

On top of all of the free content made available to players, there is now a new pay structure for Fantasy Strike in the form of a subscription service called Fantasy+. Fantasy+ gives players twice the amount of XP, gives players the ability to unlock Master Costumes once they reach level 20, and provides access to “an extensive” Replay Theater.

The Replay Theater lets players watch their own fights, search for battles shared by others, and watch “an endless stream” of replays in Ranked TV and Friend TV channels. Fantasy Strike devotees can purchase a Fantasy+ subscription for 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month timeframes each being priced at $4.99, $24.99, and $39.99 respectively.

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Making the game free-to-play was no simple feat. The development team has been hard at work making their offering one-of-a-kind for players of all skill levels.

“We worked tirelessly to find a way to maintain the competitive integrity of Fantasy Strike that our existing players love while opening it up to an even broader audience,” said David Sirlin, game director, Fantasy Strike. “We believe this free-to-play update continues our mission of crafting a fighting game that removes the barrier to being a contender, while also providing excellent value for those who want additional features and to support our work.”

Players looking for even more content can purchase extra cosmetics that range from alternate costumes to intro animations and win poses. There are also a few packs available to purchase that unlock additional modes, features, and exclusive cosmetics for both new and returning players.

The Core Pack, which runs at $19.99, grants access to local versus mode, online matches with friends, Boss Rush mode, Survival mode, and Arcade mode that includes illustrated narrative sequences. Anyone who previously purchased the game is given access to the Founder’s Pack that includes the content provided in the Core Pack along with 60 colors not attainable by free-to-play players.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you can snag the Collector’s Pack that gives you everything included in the Core Pack, additional cosmetics, an exclusive “Party Time” KO effect, and one year of Fantasy+ for a grand total of $99.99.

Want to take a look at all the content that made its way to Fantasy Strike today? Check out the announcement trailer below and download Fantasy Strike for free on your platform of choice

(Unless you’re on Xbox One, sorry guys.)

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