Shoryuken review: The Victrix Pro AF provides premium sound and comfort in an incredibly stylish and sturdy package

By on January 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm
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“Take your game to the next level, be Pro AF.”

There are quite a few gaming headsets out there, all with different features and form factors that can make it a little tough deciding which one is right for you. If you’re into fighting games, odds are you’ve heard of a company called, Victrix, that specializes in creating high-quality products that are designed with both style and substance in mind.

Victrix recently released its second audio-focused offering, the Victrix Pro AF. This follow-up to the Victrix Pro AF ANC is based on feedback from players and casters alike and is built with everything you need to have an incredible audio experience whether you are playing online with a team, against your rival, or simply listening to your latest playlist.


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The Victrix Pro AF headset is one of the most visually striking pieces of auditory equipment I’ve ever seen. Of course, the Victrix purple accents make this headset look one of a kind, but it is more than that. This is a headset that’s built to last, and it is proud to show that through its stainless steel headband and exposed cables. The industrial look and feel are second to none, even the coiled cable makes a huge effect as it extends and retracts as you size the headset to fit just right.

There are measurements on the side as well that ensure your favorite fit. The sizing components slide up and down the headset as well, making a slight “Bat-ear” if you are on the smaller side, which is beyond cool. Speaking of cool, the Victrix Pro AF features a patent-pending cooling mechanism that allows you to lift your ear cushions through a lever for easier communication with the outside world while not missing out on your headset audio. This mechanic, in particular, was designed for players who need both clear game sound and the ability to communicate with their team members without having to shift their ear cushions off of one ear.

No unnecessary space is wasted. All of the utility buttons are right on the lefthand side of the headset, so you can adjust the volume and mute your mic without needing to grasp at a module on the cable. The cable, while we are talking about it, is thick and durable. It is a little stiff right out the box, but over time it relaxes to a more comfortable and fluid form.

The microphone is completely removable if you don’t plan on using voice chat and want to focus on in-game sounds or your favorite music. The headset comes with a dust plug you can use to keep the mic insert free of unwanted debris. If you’re like me and are on and off web-calls and chatting online with friends and foes alike, the mic is extremely flexible and can be positioned out of sight when not needed. You can also customize your mic with your included mic badge. The one I received says “Scrub!”, which I am sure is only referencing the woodland creatures and not people who lack in skill or experience.

The Victrix Pro AF is an incredibly stylish headset that, like everything else produced by Victrix, oozes class and sophistication.  Based on design alone, the headset stands out among the competition, but what it accomplishes in conjunction with its unique appearance is what truly makes this product shine.


In order to maintain its lower price tag, the Victrix Pro AF doesn’t bring quite as many features as it’s more premium, older counterpart, the Victrix Pro AF ANC, like active noise canceling or the ability to adjust mic gain. Even without these capabilities, the Victrix Pro AF still provides the best in quality for its core functions.

Prior to reviewing the Victrix Pro AF, my daily audio driver has been my trusty Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones that I’ve used for nearly 10 years, becoming my golden standard. While the Victrix Pro AF might not be noise-canceling, you’d be hard-pressed to hear anything besides what’s coming from the headset in most typical situations.

I work in a very active space with multiple calls going on at the same time between me, my officemate, and our cubicle neighbors. Thanks to the high-quality 50mm speakers and sophisticated design of the headset, I am given incredible audio that feels essentially isolated from what’s happening in the world outside. Everything is crisp and detailed and no one sound is muddled by another.

The microphone is top-notch as well. According to Victrix, the mechanical mic filter design used on the Pro AF was originally created for the Cobra attack helicopter. What that means for the typical consumer, is that even in the loudest environments, you will sound crystal clear. As mentioned earlier, my officemate and I take calls all throughout the day, oftentimes simultaneously. Not once since switching to the Victrix Pro AF as my primary headset has anyone made a comment about how noisy the office was during a call. (But to be polite, I apologize anyway just in case.)

I’ve worn the Victrix Pro AF all throughout my eight-hour workdays and I am never uncomfortable with the warmth from the cushions or pressure from the headband. If I ever did needed a break, instead of wearing the headset around my neck or over one ear, I would utilize the handy dandy cooling mechanism levers that shift the ear cushions, creating a small opening between the cushions and the speakers. (This is also a nifty and simple way to remove the cushions if you ever need to replace them.)

Now you’re probably not just thinking about using the Victrix Pro AF at your office job, and that makes sense. That being said since I am at work most of the time, the experience I got by using the headset while working really showed just how versatile it is and the true value you get from it.

Of course, I also thoroughly tested the headset while gaming. I played Street Fighter for hours and conducted party chats on PlayStation 4 with extreme clarity and comfort. To mix things up a bit I played Halo 5 online and felt an astute awareness I didn’t have before with my previous gaming headsets. (Those being a variety of Turtle Beaches and the Polk Audio Striker Pro P1.) Everything works as it should, but it feels better than it ever has.

The on-ear controls made things simple. Instead of awkwardly reaching for a cable and tugging on the control box, I knew exactly where the button was to mute and un-mute my mic and where the dial was to adjust the volume. This is just another example of how Victrix listened to the input from players and casters about how to improve their headset experience.

Even though there are two separate versions sold, one for PlayStation 4 and one for Xbox One, the headset connects through a 3.5 mm jack making it compatible with an array of devices right out the box. It has been quite a few years since you needed to purchase an adapter for an Xbox One controller, (since 2015 in fact) but I feel that I have to mention that if you have an original XB1 controller you will need to purchase a proprietary accessory to get it to work with your device.

The Victrix Pro AF costs $179.99 and is definitely worth it based on the overall quality of the package. The core functions are on point and what it does differently, it does with well thought out intent. This is a headset that has adapted to the way people have used their headsets and instead of continuing the status quo, it optimizes the overall experience.

Whether you are in the market for your first gaming headset or your fiftieth, (hopefully not, that’s a lot of headsets, unless you are a collector, then who am I to judge), the Victrix Pro AF will deliver on all counts for a truly astounding experience. It is an investment that is well worth it thanks to its exceptional build quality and well-executed functions.

Victrix Pro AF with Victrix Pro FS Resize


  • Incredible sound quality with great range.
  • Crystal clear mic that captures only what it is supposed to.
  • Built to last with durable steel frame and replaceable components.


  • It does not come with a carrying case nor is one purchasable on the store.
  • Difficult to wear on one ear, but the cooling mechanism does the job.
  • Still quite expensive without noise-canceling or mic gain adjustment.

The Victrix Pro AF can be purchased directly through Victrix’s website or through Amazon. There are technically two separate models of the Victrix Pro AF but either will work on either platform as long as you have a 3.5 mm jack for the headset.

It is important to note that many replacement items are for sale through the Victrix website. For this headset specifically, you can purchase a new microphone and replacement ear cushions at a relatively inexpensive cost. That’s just another benefit to making the investment in the Victrix Pro AF.


PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Victrix provided Shoryuken with a model of the Victrix Pro AF for the PlayStation 4 for the purpose of this review.


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