Red Bull Conquest Finals 2019 Results

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Team Chicago pose for a portrait with their winner's trophies following their victory at the Red Bull Conquest Finals, held at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, CA, USA on 24 November, 2019.

Three games, eight teams, one conquest.

Last weekend, from November 22-24, Red Bull Conquest Finals took place at Red Bull esports studios in Santa Monica and featured popular fighting games Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st].

The Red Bull Conquest Format

In 2019, Conquest traveled across eight different U.S. cities, offering local FGCs to showcase their skills against other competitors. These regional qualifiers, including events in Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Orlando, Chicago, and Oakland, saw popular FGC players like Victor “Punk” Woodley, a winner in Philadelphia, and Hoa “Anakin” Luu, a winner in Orlando, compete against amateur and aspiring pros for a chance to earn a spot on the stage at the Finals in Santa Monica. This emphasis on local events fosters and supports FGC pride as each game’s winners at each qualifier are put on a team to represent that city in the Grand Finals.

These qualifiers had no restrictions for the entrants: fighting game fans of all experience levels were invited to compete in Conquest, regardless of previous competitor history. Conquest‘s emphasis on local qualifier events makes it easy for new FGC competitors without sponsorships or the means to cover travel to compete in a top-tier tournament hosted by Red Bull. New and exciting talent from both popular and underrepresented cities can get recognition in a major event. In addition, veterans of the FGC competitive scene are also welcome to enter the qualifiers to test their skills.

Team Chicago receive their winner's trophies and the rest of the players join in the calebration, following the grand final at the Red Bull Conquest Finals, held at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, CA, USA on 24 November, 2019.
Team Chicago receive their winner’s trophies and the rest of the players join in the calebration, following the grand final at the Red Bull Conquest Finals, held at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, CA, USA on 24 November, 2019. Photo credit: Red Bull
The 8 Cities


UNIST – RoyalHeartv2

SFV – Dual Kevin

T7 – Shadow 20z



UNIST – Trill

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X.

T7 – Goweege


Los Angeles

UNIST – Redblade

SFV – Pnoy

T7 – Speedkicks



UNIST – Spinach

SFV – Mo-Joe

T7 – Trungy



UNIST – Tensei

SFV – Nephew

T7 – jimmyjtran



UNIST – Hotashi

SFV – Terrence

T7 – Anakin



UNIST – Punished Fendo

SFV – Punk

T7 – Shin Paulo



UNIST – Squish

SFV – Samurai


Conquest Road Trip

Conquest aimed to foster a sense of community and support across various fighting game communities. Special to Conquest in 2019, Red Bull athletes Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis and Hoa “Anakin” Luu participated in a special Conquest Road Trip video series that explored various FGC scenes and their various histories.

You can find the streams and results of the tournament below!

Day 1 Results

Group A Results

Chicago vs Los Angeles

UNIST – RoyalHeartv2 0-2 Redblade

SFV – Dual Kevin 2-0 Pnoy

T7 – Shadow 20z 2-0 Speedkicks

Set Wins – CHI 2-1 LAX


Los Angeles vs Seattle

UNIST – Redblade 0-2 Squish

SFV – Pnoy 0-2 Samurai

T7 – Speedkicks 1-2 eDDIEBOYMANG

Set Wins – LAX 0-3 SEA


Seattle vs Minneapolis

UNIST – Squish 2-0 Spinach

SFV – Samurai 0-2 Mo-Joe

T7 – eDDIEBOYMANG 0-2 Trungy

Set Wins – SEA 1-2 MIN


Minneapolis vs Los Angeles

UNIST – Spinach 1-2 Redblade

SFV – Mo-Joe 1-2 Pnoy

T7 – Trungy 2-0 Speedkicks

Set Wins – MIN 1-2 LAX


Minneapolis vs Chicago

UNIST – Spinach 0-2 RoyalHeartv2

SFV – Mo-Joe 0-2 Dual Kevin

T7 – Trungy 2-1 Shadow 20z

Set Wins – MIN 1-2 CHI


Chicago vs Seattle

UNIST – RoyalHeartv2 1-2 Squish

SFV – Dual Kevin 0-2 Samurai

T7 – Shadow 20z 2-0 eDDIEBOYMANG

Set Wins – CHI 1-2 SEA

Group B Results

Oakland Orlando

UNIST – Tensei 2-0 Hotashi

SFV – Nephew 2-0 Terrence

T7 – jimmyjtran 2-0 Anakin

Set Wins – OAK 3-0 ORL


Orlando vs Philadelphia

UNIST – Hotashi 0-2 Punished Fendo

SFV – Terrence 2-0 Punk

T7 – Anakin 2-0 Shin Paulo

Set Wins – ORL 2-1 PHL


Philadelphia vs Houston

UNIST – Punished Fendo 1-2 Trill

SFV – Punk 0-2 Docta Afrikan E.X.

T7 – Shin Paulo 2-0 Goweege

Set Wins – PHL 1-2 HOU


Houston vs Orlando

UNIST – Trill 2-0 Hotashi

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 2-1 Terrence

T7 – Goweege 0-2 Anakin

Set Wins – HOU 2-1 ORL


Houston vs Oakland

UNIST – Trill 2-0 Tensei

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 1-2 Nephew

T7 – Goweege 0-2 jimmyjtran

Set Wins – HOU 1-2 OAK


Oakland vs Philadelphia

UNIST – Tensei 0-2 Punished Fendo

SFV – Nephew 2-0 Punk

T7 – jimmyjtran 2-0 Shin Paulo

Set Wins – OAK 2-1 PHL

Day 2 Results

Top 4 Results

Houston vs Seattle

T7 – Goweege 1-3 eDDIEBOYMANG

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 0-3 Samurai

UNIST – Trill 3-0 Squish

T7 – Goweege 1-3 eDDIEBOYMANG

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 1-3 Samurai

Final Score – HOU 1-4 SEA


Oakland vs Chicago

UNIST – Tensei 0-3 RoyalHeartv2

SFV – Nephew 3-1 Dual Kevin

T7 – jimmyjtran 1-3 Shadow 20z

UNIST – Tensei 2-3 RoyalHeartv2

SFV – Nephew 3-2 Dual Kevin

T7 – jimmyjtran 2-3 Shadow 20z

Final Score – OAK 2-4 CHI


Houston vs Oakland (3rd Place match)

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 3-1 Nephew

T7 – Goweege 0-3 jimmyjtran

UNIST – Trill 3-2 Tensei

SFV – Docta Afrikan E.X. 3-2 Nephew

T7 – Goweege 0-3 jimmyjtran

UNIST – Trill 3-0 Tensei

Final Score – HOU 4-2 OAK


Chicago vs Seattle (Grand Finals)

UNIST – RoyalHeartv2 0-3 Squish

SFV  – Dual Kevin 3-1 Samurai

T7 – Shadow 20z 3-1 eDDIEBOYMANG

UNIST – RoyalHeartv2 3-0 Squish

SFV – Dual Kevin 1-3 Samurai

T7 – Shadow 20z 1-2 eDDIEBOYMANG

Final Score – CHI 3-2 SEA

Source:; Red Bull

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