New costumes for Poison, E. Honda, and Balrog are now available in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with an Asura’s Wrath Crossover Costume for Kage arriving later this month

By on September 18, 2019 at 10:51 am

The spooky Union Graveyard stage is also available now!

We’re now mid-way through the month of September, which means many ghoulish boys and girls are casting their minds forward to Halloween and a fun-filled night of tricks, treats, and frights. To celebrate this occasion,  as they’ve done in 2017 and 2018, Capcom is once-again releasing a new batch of limited-time Haloween-themed content in the form of new Premium Costumes for New Challengers Poison and E. Honda, as well as the new Union Graveyard stage, a spooky variant of the existing Union Station, just as the Spooky Arena is for the Underground Arena.

Poison transforms into a gothic, punk, zombie, with a stitched-together leg, and plenty of whips, netting, and leather. Meanwhile, E. Honda takes inspiration from the Kappa river imps of Japanese folklore. These fabled yokai river monsters are normally depicted as green humanoid-like beings with a turtle-like carapace on their backs along with webbed hands and claw-covered feet. Coincidently, they also love to engage in sumo wrestling, making this attire a perfect fit for Edmond, as he tries to spread the word of his craft around the globe. He also has a dish on his head. Wonder if water will spill out once he’s K.O.ed in battle?

The two costumes can be purchased for $3.99 each, while the Union Graveyard will set you back $1.99 or 40,000 Fight Money. Balrog’s new “No Mercy” costume is also now available, which sees the disgraced boxer discard his traditional coat and trademark blue shirt to battle topless, with just his gloves, shorts, and boots. This attire is available in Menat’s Fighting Chance, replacing M. Bison’s “Psycho Miasma” outfit.

Finally, as Cody’s Vergil Crossover Costume campaign has passed the halfway point, now on its third week, Capcom has decided to unveil the next outfit in line. Kage will be the first Season 4 character to enjoy some crossover love, as he truly embraces his anger, donning the attire of Asura the Destructor from 2012’s Asura’s Wrath. As always, you will have to vanquish an increasingly difficult CPU version of Kage in the Asura costume to collect Gems once per week for a month straight.

Once you gather all four, you’ll be given the Costume. Each attempt will cost you 2,500 Fight Money, meaning you need a minimum 10,000 FM if you want to truly unleash your rage and anger. Hopefully, he’ll also have some Crossover BGM to go with it.

The campaign will begin on September 27th and run through October 25th. As an aside, Falke’s Katt, Sagat’s Shade, Menat’s Devilotte, Alex’s Leo, and Zeku’s Kenji campaigns are currently re-running if you missed a week during their first rotation.

We’ve also included Asura’s DLC battles with Ryu, Evil Ryu, Akuma, and Oni from the Lost Episodes of his original game as a bit of nostalgia.

Which of these new attires are you most looking forward to adding to your Street Fighter wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below!

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