Get motivated to obtain more power with Cody’s Vergil Crossover Costume in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s latest Extra Battle

By on August 30, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Plus obtain new Crossover BGM from Devil May Cry 4!

The end of another week means another set of new Extra Battles to conquer in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. With Ibuki’s Akane Yagyu Crossover Costume finally finishing up last week, as well as the second runs of Air Man Rashid and Guts Man Balrog, it’s time for a new Crososver Costume to become avaialble as we head into September.

This time new Metro City Mayor Cody Travers is the lucky recipient of new attire, that sees him put away his steel pipe, suit, and tie, to don the signature blue coat and boots of Devil May Cry’s power-hungry Son of Sparda, Vergil, joining Dante Ken, Ed Nero, and Gloria Laura, as the 4th Crossover Costume from DMC. As always, you’ll need to defeat an A.I.-controlled Vergil Cody once a week over the course of the next month to obtain four Gems that, when fully assembled, will unlock the Crossover Costume for your own personal use. Each attempt will cost you 2,500 Fight Money, meaning you’ll need a minimum of 10,000 FM to claim the costume. The difficulty will also increase each week, going from Easy to Very Hard, as the CPU will put up a stronger fight each week as you obtain more pieces.

There are also two new pieces of Crossover BGM available, “Let’s Just See,” Vergil’s Battle Theme from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, and the Blackened Angel Mix of “Lock and Load,” Dante’s Battle Theme. Though it is currently unavailable to challenge for at the time of this writing, there is a space in the DLC BGM list for “The Time Has Come,” Nero’s Battle Theme, which will likely involve a battle against Nero Ed, as the other two themes require you to topple Vergil Cody and Ken Dante on Hard difficulty to obtain, at 1,000 FM per attempt.

We also have another chance to grab a Fortune Ticket for Menat’s Fighting Chance against Normal difficulty  M. Bison in his Psycho Miasma costume, which harkens back to his look from the Street Fighter Alpha days, complete with his signature cape, on the Field of Fate, for maximum nostalgia. As is customary, this will set you back 250 FM per attempt, and, as always, completing any of these four Extra Battles multiple times will provide you with 100 EXP for the character you cleared it with, so it might be worth it if you’ve got a World Warrior on the verge of leveling up, which will grant you 1,000 FM on the spot. Don’t forget that Psycho Misasma M. Bison is still available in Menat’s Fighting Chance until September 14th if you have yet to claim his outfit.

Interestingly enough, there are also currently-unused spots in the DLC BGM folder for 8-bit and Arranged versions of the Title Theme from Mega Man II. Perhaps this means we’ll be seeing a Proto Man Crossover Costume for either Ken or Sagat once Cody Vergil’s campaign concludes on September 27th? You can see the Street Fighter Twitter account’s official tweet about the event’s below.

Will you be seeking more power by going for this Cody Crossover Costume? Has this new attire inspired you to pick up Metro City’s Mayor? What other Crossover Costumes would you like to see in future SFV: AE Extra Battles? Tell us your picks in the comments section below.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

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