New Premium and Extra Battle Costumes, Suzaku Castle At Night stage now available in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on June 26, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Classic Dhalsim has FINALY arrived!

Capcom-Unity revealed the latest batch of upcoming content set to arrive to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Starting June 25th, players will be able to purchase the new Suzaku Castle At Night stage, which was recently announced at E3 2019. Returning from 1992’s Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, this classic nighttime backdrop is sure to bring back some great memories and feelings of nostalgia, especially for Ryu players. This brings the total number of stages in SFV up to 36, and as it’s a variant stage, it will only cost players $1.99 or 40,000 Fight Money.

There will also be several new Premium and Extra Battle Costumes coming to the title, as while Sagat’s Shade missions are in their second week, the love for Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness continues, as the series will have its third Crossover Costume, as players will be able to transform Menat into “the real queen of evil,” Princess Devilotte, compete with her orb becoming Super-8. The missions will begin at the conclusion of Sagat’s Shade campaign on July 5th, and will run into August 2nd. As with every Extra Battle Crossover Costume, players will need to defeat an increasingly-difficult CPU Devilotte Menat at least once a week for 2,5000 FM per attempt, in order to obtain one of four Gems needed to craft the costume, meaning she will set you back at least 10,000 FM to obtain. As with Jin Ryu and Shade Sagat, she will also have an additional Extra Battle for her Crossover BGM, that will cost 1,000 FM per attempt, but will last the entirety of her campaign.

Following Devilotte Menat, we’ll finally have the first Crossover Costume from the Onimusha series, as Ibuki will be gifted her second Crossover Costume, transforming her into Onimusha 2‘s Akane Yagyu, which will run from August 2nd-30th. Next up, a new Premium Costume will be available, as Laura Matsuda gets into the sprit of Summer with her Swimsuit Costume 2 for $3.99.

A variety of Costume Bundles also went on sale Tuesday, including the Capcom Costume Bundle 2 for $14.99, which includes the following outfits and all colors:

  • Karin – Ingrid
  • Rashid – Viewtiful Joe
  • Chun-Li – June Lin Milliam
  • Nash – Captain Commando
  • Guile – Nameless Super Soldier
  • Cammy – Fiona Belli
  • Cammy – Jill Valentine
  • Kolin – Ada Wong
  • Urien – Albert Wesker

There are also character-specific Costume Bundles for Karin (9 costumes,  $14.99), R. Mika (8 Costumes, $14.99), Cammy (11 Costumes, $14.99), Laura (7 Costumes, $12.99), Ken (6 Costumes, $10.99), Nash (5 Costumes, $8.99), and Necalli (4 Costumes, $6.99.)

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, Dhalsim’s Classic Costume  finally made its way to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as the 8th Costume in Menat’s Fighting Chance, where lucky players will be able to exchange Fight Money and Fortune Tickets to hopefully receive the attire from the random assortment of items. Remember that you can gain one Fortune Ticket per week via Extra Battle, for the paltry fee of 250 FM. You can view photos of the upcoming outfits below.

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Source: Capcom-Unity; SF_Community (Twitter); StreetFighter (Twitter)

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