ICYMI: Dead Or Alive 6 Version 1.06 adds King of Fighters guest characters Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond, 1.06a adjusts new fighters

By on June 26, 2019 at 5:00 pm
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Rematch option in Lobbies and balance changes also implemented

Version 1.06 is a big update for fans of Dead Or Alive 6. This update adds the final portion of DLC content contained in the game’s first Season Pass, guest characters Mai Shiranui (returning from Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round) and Kula Dimond from SNK’s King Of Fighters XIV.

The pair come packed with a set of maid, pirate, nurse, and bunny costumes based off of the themed costume bundles released for the other fighters within the Season Pass. Additionally, there have been some various quality-of-life improvements to the game, such as the addition of rematches to Lobbies, expanded text chat availability, as well as addressing some other pesky bugs.

Kasumi, Helena, Bass, Hayate, Leifang, Ayane, Eliot, La Mariposa, Brad, Hitomi, Mila, Bayman, Honoka, NiCO, and Phase-4 have also received some minor balance adjustments. Version 1.06a released a few days afterward, patching various aspects of the newly released characters and Hitomi. You can read the full patch notes  for version 1.06 and 1.06a Team Ninja’s site.

Check out some awesome footage from the new fighters from Dengeki Online and the official DOA Twitter below!

Mai and Kula are available as part of the Season Pass 1 for $92.99, which also includes their individual Debut Costume Sets, the Happy Wedding Volume 1 and 2, and Pirates of the 7 Seas Volume 1 and 2, for the entire cast, as well as NiCO’s Technomancer Gear and Nyotengu’s Wrestling Costume. Xbox One, Steam, and PlayStation 4 players outside of the West can buy Kula and Mai individually for $7.99 each, or for $15.99 for one character and her outfits.

Each of their five debut attires can be bought for either $9.99 apiece, or for those looking to snag all the SNK goodness, you can grab the King Of Fighters XIV Content Mashup Bundle for 29.99 to get both ladies and their combined ten outfits.

Will you be using either of these SNK ladies in DOA6? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

Source: Team Ninja; Dengeki Online (YouTube); DOATEC_OFFICIAL (Twitter)

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