Dead or Alive 6 trailer showcases Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond DLC, releasing June 18

By on June 9, 2019 at 10:04 am
KOF DOA6 Featured Image

The King of Fighters duo will release on June 18!

Koei Tecmo released a trailer detailing Dead or Alive 6′s upcoming DLC characters from its The King of Fighters XIV collaboration and their accompanying debut costume sets.

First off, returning KOF fighter, Mai Shiranui returns to win the title of Japan’s best kunoichi. The character looks incredible in DOA6’s engine with her signature moves translating perfectly into the 3D arena.

The second character, who might surprise some if they weren’t keeping tabs on recent data mining, is none other than the “Ice Doll” herself, Kula Diamond. The character’s ice-based attacks look incredible in Dead or Alive, offering a new element not previously tapped into in the franchise.

The announced content finishes out what’s been announced for the title’s first season pass. While there’s no doubt that the season pass costs more than many were probably willing to pay for, $93 is quite the outlier in an industry of $20-$40 passes, you still do get quite a discount with everything broken down. Its certainly not for everyone, but the diehard DOA fan is sure to find the value with its host of costumes and the two upcoming characters.

I’m looking forward to seeing Mai and Kula in action and eager to see what’s next for the over-the-top 3D fighter. Hopefully its first season was successful and the feedback received from its players will influence where the game will go next.

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