Catching up with FEXL – Terry Bogard and Sharon now available in Fighting EX Layer; Version 1.2.0 patch notes also released

By on April 7, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Two more characters join the fight!

A little over a week ago, ARIKA released the previously announced Sharon and SNK Guest Character Terry Bogard, for Fighting EX Layer. These two new warriors come alongside the Version 1.2.0 update, which includes balance changes for Kairi, who can now follow-ups to the float of his Garyuumesshu special move, and Darun Mister, who has the range reduced and the recovery increased on his Ganges DDT, in exchange for it now being able to hit crouching opponents, giving him another way to open up ducking foes. The damage has also been increased on his Chouzetsu Kishin Bomb.

Additionally, the Counter attacks of Shirase, Hokuto, Sanane, and Hayate, have all undergone input changes, in both Progressive and Classic controls, with their durations all being standardized to match the Medium versions of the moves. Finally, a new stage, “Intercontinental Railway” has been added for Terry, with both Evening and Night Variations, which of course includes a new soundtrack. Shadowgeist’s Arcade ending has been altered, as well as some other bug fixes pertaining to voice clips, UI, fire effects, extended hurtboxes, and other minor issues, have also been implemented.

As for pricing, Sharon is available to everyone free of charge, while Terry, as a licensed Guest, will set players back $4.99, the exact same price as the Gold and Silver Colors for the pair of new challengers. You can read the full patch notes below, as well as see a new trailer that was released for the new Version, below.

Fighting EX Layer Version 1.2.0 patch notes

Updated Content

• New characters Sharon and Terry have been added.
• A new stage “Intercontinental Railway” has been added with 2 versions (Evening and Night).
• A new BGM has been added for Terry’s stage.
• Sharon and Terry’s Gold and Silver colors have been added.
• Sharon and Terry’s Expert Mode challenges have been added.
• Sharon and Terry have been added to CPU and Kumite modes.
• Added endings for Sharon and Terry. Shadowgeist’s ending has been altered.
• Shadowgeist has had Intro and Victory voices added.

Balance Changes

• You can now perform follow up attacks after floating your opponent with GARYUUMESSHU.

• GANGES DDT now hits crouching opponents.
• GANGES DDT range has been reduced.
• GANGES DDT recovery has been increased.
• CHOUZETSU KISHIN BOMB damage has been increased.

The Inputs for the following characters’ Counter type moves have been changed.

• Shirase
• Hokuto
• Sanane
• Hayate

The Input change is as follows:

PROGRESSIVE : 1P, 1PP (Downback+ Punch, Downpack + 2 Punch Buttons)

CLASSIC : 421P, 421PP (B,DB,D + Punch, B,DB,D + 2 Punch Buttons)

In addition to the Input changes, the duration of these counters has all been standardized to the Medium version.

Voice Addition

• A new voice clip for all characters has been added for when they receive a Medium damaging attack.

• In CPU Battle, the appearance order of your opponent’s has been changed for some characters (Skullomania, Doctrine Dark, Shadowgeist).

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where your hurtbox would be extended when getting hit by a crouching Medium damaging attack.
• Fixed an issue where jumping forward in the corner after a GANGES DDT would result in you landing behind.
• Reduced an occurrence of a loud SE overwriting a previously playing sound.
• Changed it to the Information Notice doesn’t display when playing in offline mode.
• Fixed an issue in Allen’s Expert Mode challenge #12 where the opponent’s Gougi deck was not acting as intended.
• Added a system to deal with Character Effects resetting at the start of each round.
• Fixed an issue where performing Kairi’s MARYUUREKKOU would cause it to slide backward slightly.
• Fixed an issue where interrupting Rosso’s VULCANUS would cause the fire effect to remain on the screen.
• Fixed an issue with the UI in Expert Mode.

Source: ARIKA (YouTube); ARIKA EX (Facebook)

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