Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Version 04.030 patch notes released; “Mike-Like” Balrog costume returns

By on March 27, 2019 at 10:00 am

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has wrapped up its latest round of server maintenance, and the Version 04.030 update has been applied. As of now the recently-announced Field of Fate stage is now available in the in-game Shop for either 40,000 Fight Money or $1.99. Additionally, Balrog’s “Mike-Like” Costume, which sees him don the attire of Mike from the original Street Fighter game, has returned to Menat’s Fighting Chance until May 25th, for those who weren’t able to receive the fortune from the soothsayer the first time around. Finally, some battle-related bug fixes have been applied to Karin Kanzuki, Rashid, Blanka, Ed, and G, the most notable of which is increasing the damage on the “Master of the Turbulent Wind’s” Dash Spinning Mixers, which had been unintentionally reduced during the initial Season 4 balance update, making the UAE fighter ever stronger. You can see the full list below.

3/26 Update Info (Ver. 04.030)

Following server maintenance on March 26, 2019, Street Fighter V has been updated to Ver. 04.030.

— Stages
Field of Fate

• Fighting Chance
— Get Balrog’s “Mike-like” Additional Costume through “Lookalike” now available again in Fighting Chance.

• Battle Related Bug Fixes
— Karin
Fixed a bug where, after Karin gets hit with M. Bison’s V-Trigger II move Psycho Charge, if Karin successfully lands her backwards throw Arakuma Inashi and M. Bison performs recovery, the Psycho Charge status would not be removed.

— Rashid
As of Ver. 4.000, the damage for Dash Spinning Mixer was lower than intended. The damage has been restored to the values before Ver. 4.000.

— Ed
When hitting Psycho Snatcher – Air (non-hold version) against an airborne opponent who is relatively low in the air, the 2nd hit would not connect regardless of if the 1st hit connected. To fix this issue, the hitbox for the 2nd hit has been expanded in the downward direction, which helps to alleviate the situation.

— Blanka
Fixed a bug where, during the hit stun for certain attacks, Blanka’s horizontal hurtboxes would become larger than intended. The hurtboxes have been fixed to be the normal size for the corresponding motion.

— G
Fixed a bug where if G performed his V-Trigger II move G Rage, but if the move’s armor properties absorb a projectile attack at the same time as the throw becomes active, G would not be able to throw the opponent character.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.

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