Street Fighter League US-Pro 2019: Community vote and online qualifiers completed; Twelve players now ready for the draft

By on March 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm
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Via online victory or community support, twelve competitors have now been chosen.

We are growing gradually closer to the actual round-robin team competition in the US-Pro 2019 Street Fighter League; the Community Vote process has completed, adding six new warriors to the winners of the online qualifier events — and giving us a total of twelve players ready to be drafted into six three-player teams by the Team Captains from CPT 2018.

The Online Warriors are:

The Community Favorites are:

Congratulations to the winners of both the online qualifiers and the Community Vote! The real fight is yet to come, once the teams are formed in the draft; stay tuned to Capcom Fighters for updates.

street fighter league us-pro 2019 breakdown infographic

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