A favorite fighting locale returns to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition — the iconic Field of Fate

By on March 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm
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This battlefield is coming back, by popular demand!

One of the most-loved stages in Street Fighter history is soon to appear in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition!

This stage is based on the opening sequence of 1994’s Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie; the anime film presents a version of the climatic fight that ended the storyline of the original Street Fighter game, where Ryu defeats Sagat and leaves him scarred via the Shoryuken.

The scene got its first in-game nod in the special “Thunder Plains” boss stage that appears in Street Fighter Alpha 2, both in the arcade mode and (briefly) in the game’s opening sequence.

Now returning as the “Field of Fate”, Capcom clearly is paying homage to the SFA2 opening with their trailer for this new locale, right down to the background music. The stage’s iconic simplicity and place in the Street Fighter lore have made it one of the most-requested additions to Street Fighter V.

The Field of Fate is coming to Street Fighter V as DLC next week, on March 26th, and will cost $1.99 USD or 40,000 Fight Money to add to your own stage select screen. Meanwhile, check out the fight from the movie that started it all in the video below!

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