It’s the 25th anniversary of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and Japan is celebrating it with the Star Cup Tournament

By on February 22, 2019 at 2:00 pm
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Star Cup was a tournament that ran in Nagoya, Japan from 2006 to 2014, and now it’s back in 2019 for a special occasion: the 25th anniversary of its featured game, Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The exact date of the anniversary is Saturday, February 23 — although some video footage shows how the first beta versions of game actually arrived to the arcades in the USA around the end of March in 1994.

What makes Star Cup special is that it’s a singles tournament; traditionally in Japan, all of the Super Turbo majors are always team tournaments like the 3vs3 X-Mania (now renamed to X-EST) or the 5vs5 Kakerugo (formerly known as Gian Recital). Even though it’s a singles tournament, it still comes with a twist where players have to lock in which 3 different characters they are going to use beforehand. This year, they are allowing use of the same character 3 times, whereas in the past, competitors could only use the same one twice.

The last time Star Cup tournament took place was in 2014 for the 20th anniversary, and it had one of the best finals ever witnessed between the two best players in Japan, Otochun and MAO. We might see the same outcome this time as well. You can see the 2014 final here:

For the last two months, qualifiers have been running all around Japan to fill the final 16-player bracket for this Saturday. Well-known names like Mattsun, Yuuvega, and Murasaki are among those players. Details of the qualifiers:

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Star Cup begins tonight at 7:00 PM PT! Check out the ST Revival page for more details.

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