rooflemonger warns players of game-breaking glitches with Videl and Jiren in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on February 8, 2019 at 9:00 am
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Looks like it’s already time for another patch!

Last week, Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 kicked off with a bang, as a new balance patch was released that heavily tweaked the game’s system mechanics — and the first pair of FighterZ Pass 2 characters, Jiren and Videl, were released to much fanfare.

Unfortunately — as can be the case with new DLC characters being added to a game — it seems the new pair are already packing some nasty, literally game-breaking glitches. As rooflemonger demonstrates, it is possible for the duo of Videl and Goku to easily cause the entire game to glitch out and freeze, effectively ending the current match on the spot. To achieve this, a player must cancel Videl’s Rainbow Storm into her medium Frankensteiner special, then immediately Ultimate Z-Change to Goku’s Kaioken, performing a 2M into the Kaioken Finisher, which will be hit by Videl as she’s exiting the screen — causing the screen to glitch out, rendering the opponent completely immobile while the initiator can still move around but can’t directly interact with their foe. This definitely needs to addressed with the quickness.

Additionally, the mighty Pride Trooper from Universe 11, Jiren, also possesses a glitch that will allow him to freeze Cell (and possibly other characters) in place, allowing him to both move about freely while his foe can only wait to be hit so they can return to a normal position… but Jiren can even walk out of the screen, traveling a good distance into the darkness of the Null Realm. This phenomenon is caused by Jiren’s air 2H, which can Clash with other aerial normals, such as Cell’s j.2H. However, if you can hit it low enough to cause a trade with your foe, then you will cause them to freeze mid-air in an outstretched T pose, that can only be escaped from by the Jiren player making contact with the opponent. Thankfully, unlike the glitch with Videl and Goku, this one is much more difficult to replicate in the middle of an actual match — though it’s obviously just as unintentional — and will hopefully be addressed as well in an upcoming update. (And maybe they can give Golden Frieza his post-transformation meter gain back while they’re at it!)

You can see both videos demonstrating the glitches below.

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